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About Us

Are you searching for a way to lose weight and keep it off permanently? Well now you've found it!

Choose 2 Lose is a weight loss mentoring and motivational service offering one-to-one support

At Choose 2 Lose the philosophy is quite simple:

Our main focus is not just what you eat, but to support and motivate you!

Being overweight is more complicated than eating the wrong foods. It's about why you eat and how you feel! It's about how you cope with a stressful daily life, or a past trauma- or both !

There are lots of different reasons to use food inappropriately:
for comfort, for protection, for love etc.

This is why simply trying different diet's are not successful in the long term. You lose weight through dieting and exercising. But, don’t address the underlying issues as to why you gained weight in the first place. Eventually you can’t ignore this pressure, you come off the diet, and gain the weight back because you didn’t deal with the core issues. Exploring these issues with confidential support is the key to keeping weight loss off successfully. I should know - I've been there.

At Choose 2 Lose our focus is you: all of you, not just what you eat, but how and why you eat. We help you gain control of food through being in control of your emotions by helping you develop self-awareness, positive self-esteem and confidence.

Choose 2 Lose is a community interest company, which means we are a non-profit making company.